• Nathan Max

Trump Gets His Wall

Photo credit: Lindsey Max, MNT. Donald Trump promised the American people a big, beautiful wall. This is what we got.

Donald Trump finally built the barrier he promised, but it’s hardly the one he envisioned when running for president.

Instead of keeping undocumented immigrants out of the country, Trump is desperately trying to keep documented civilians out of his home.

Trump’s response to mass demonstrations in the nation’s capital this week has been to further extend the security perimeter around the White House. Trump, reviled in DC by the area’s residents, apparently no longer feels safe and needed to broaden his buffer zone.

Photo credit: Lindsey Max, MNT. Demonstrators are making sport out of decorating Donald Trump's new barrier.

Workers erected a line of fencing about 10-feet high with a quickness this week that now prevents protesters from entering Lafayette Park. For a president who famously likes to kill any messenger who delivers bad news, it makes sense that he would want to keep the demonstrators as far away as possible.

It’s also an act of extreme cowardice.

When the Gulf War broke out in 1991, motorists in Washington could drive right past the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. If protesters across the street were willing to brave the January chill to hold a “No Blood For Oil” sign, then President George H.W. Bush dealt with it like a man.

After a federal building in Oklahoma City was bombed four years later, the street was cut off to traffic, but pedestrians could still take a stroll down the sidewalk in front of the grounds. When that access was terminated, Lafayette Park across the street remained a staging ground for daily protests of all manner.

Now, under Trump, that is too close as well.

Photo credit: Lindsey Max, MNT. Protesters in Washington, D.C., hung numerous messages on the new security fence.

Trump is projecting to the nation just how terrified of, and unpopular he is, with the people he is governing so incompetently. At no other point in U.S. history has a president rushed his family into a bunker to hide from Americans, who are so incensed by his rule.

He is so distrustful of the local population and government that he has taken the unusual step of bringing in mercenaries from across the country, individuals who live in decidedly more pro-Trump regions, to protect him from largely peaceful protesters.

One National Guard unit was brought in from Utah, approximately 2,000 miles away. That is, until DC Mayor Muriel Bowser decided to stop paying their hotel bills.

Meanwhile, an unidentifiable and clearly out-of-shape mass of humanity from Texas has also arrived. This group, which chooses not to wear any insignia or tell anyone who they represent, apparently comes from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a fitting response from a president who has practically imprisoned himself on all sides.

A report Saturday even indicated a petrified Trump demanded 10,000 active-duty troops be deployed into American streets last week, but he was talked out of it by Defense Secretary Mark Esper, Attorney General William Barr and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley. Instead, he opted to use force to clear peaceful protesters from in front of a church so he could pose for a photo.

Long gone, it seems, are the days in which the people could tour the White House, walk past the White House, drive past White House or even sit in a park across the street from the White House. Under Trump, the people’s house, and the area that surrounds it, is no longer for the people.

But then again, neither is he.