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Lincoln Project Shows Dems How to Win

In the last month, The Lincoln Project has released 12 attack ads that have generated 7 million views and a ton of media.

It has taken a group of Republicans to demonstrate the ruthlessness necessary to beat Republicans.

Call it fighting fire with fire, and The Lincoln Project’s first 12 ads take a blowtorch to President Donald Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senators Thom Tillis and Martha McSally. Why haven’t Democrats figured out how to do this yet?

The Lincoln Project is a political action committee comprised of some pretty well-known strategists, attorneys and consultants. Prominent Trump critics George Conway, husband of professional obfuscator Kellyanne Conway, and regular MSNBC contributor Steve Schmidt are the two most recognizable names behind the operation.

Every member of this group is either an anti-Trump Republican or an anti-Trump now-former Republican.

“We do not undertake this task lightly nor from ideological preference. Our many policy differences with national Democrats remain,” the Lincoln Project’s homepage declares. “However…electing Democrats who support the Constitution over Republicans who do not is a worthy effort.”

Republicans play to win by any means necessary, and these cats are showing how it’s done. These are the kinds of attack ads Democrats need to be creating to win all over the country.

The Lincoln Project’s ads, as of May 29, have generated about 7 million online views. They don’t just go after Trump and three Republican senators up for reelection. One even takes aim at Trump’s campaign manager for his lavish spending. This prolific output has all been released in just one month, leading one to hope these brilliant attack ads will continue in rapid-fire succession until election day.

The individuals behind this effort are true patriots. They don't agree with Democrats on many issues, but they are committed to getting Trump and his feckless, spineless, hypocritical cronies out of office, because these people are destroying our country and our institutions. The Lincoln Project is putting the country ahead of its members own self-interests.

“President Donald Trump and those who sign onto Trumpism are a clear and present danger to the Constitution and our Republic,” The Lincoln Project homepage reads.

The Lincoln Project’s advisors know what it takes to win. It takes a hard-nosed, consistent, on-message, merciless onslaught, and that is exactly what they have been providing the last several weeks.

For the sake of the nation, let’s hope they keep it going.


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