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Time to Concede

Photo Credit: Getty Images. As the nation celebrated his defeat, Donald Trump played golf Saturday afternoon.

Donald Trump is humiliating himself.

The American people have spoken. The president has lost. It’s time for the man to come to grips with reality. His days in the White House are almost finished.

In 10½ weeks, Joe Biden will be inaugurated. There is nothing Trump can do to stop it. His frivolous court challenges will fail. His recount efforts will fall short. And his social-media temper-tantrums will accomplish nothing.

Donald Trump has no path to victory. If he thinks he can save his presidency by convincing enough faithless electors to come over to him, he is delusional.

Just five months after the president had demonstrators pepper-sprayed across the street from the White House, so that he could pose for a photo with a Bible, those same protesters returned to the newly named Black Lives Matter Plaza to celebrate his downfall. Trump was playing golf in Virginia, again, when the party started. But there was no way he could escape the revelry and America’s cries of jubilation upon his return from the links.

In Washington, D.C. In New York City. In Philadelphia. In San Francisco. In Chicago. In Atlanta. In cities across the nation, millions of Americans danced in the streets to celebrate the imminent demise of Donald Trump. The euphoric scenes matched those that marked the end of World War II and mirrored those that take place internationally when foreign dictators are deposed. Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele described it on MSNBC as, “a national block party.”

Nobody actually expects Donald Trump to concede and be gracious. His attempt to declare victory in the middle of the night Wednesday morning were laughed off the airwaves. His baseless accusations of voter fraud are being roundly mocked and flagged on Twitter as disinformation. He is carrying on like a spoiled child who is incapable of handling defeat. So, nothing new.

It is now up to the people who surround the president to stop enabling his madness. Someone must deliver the truth. Whatever small shred of dignity Trump had remaining is fading fast.

In contrast, President-Elect Joe Biden delivered his victory speech Saturday night, calling for unity and promising to represent all Americans, not just the ones who voted for him. Everything about the man and his words were a 180-degree turnaround from the last four years.

“Let’s give each other a chance,” Biden said. “This is the time to heal in America.”

Meanwhile, Trump continued to post nonsense on his Twitter feed, sometimes in all-caps, claiming to be the rightful winner, even as relieved foreign leaders tweeted their congratulations to Joe Biden.

Among the Republicans to offer their well-wishes to the new president-elect, Utah Sen. Mitt Romney stood alone.

Considering everything Republicans have overlooked and acquiesced to under Trump, it would be natural for the president to believe that they will have his back again in his futile attempt to overturn the election result. But this time is different. This is our democracy. Free-and-fair elections are the bedrock on which we have built this great nation.

On top of that, Republicans have already squeezed everything they could have possibly wanted out of the president. Tax cuts. More than 200 federal judges. Three Supreme Court justices. All their dreams have come true.

Donald Trump has been nothing more than a useful idiot for them, and he is no longer useful. While their silence Saturday was deafening, there hasn’t been any kind of rush to back his bogus claims of election fraud.

Throughout his presidency, Trump has been capable of getting away with so much only because Republicans have allowed it. Without their compliance, Trump’s hopes of staging a coup d’état aren’t realistic.

His presidency is over.


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