• Randi Max

Suburban Women Despise Trump

Dear Donald,

The answer is “No!” We will not like you, and please don’t ask again. We don’t have time for you and your incessant need for others to stroke your precious little ego.

We are busy, educated, hard-working women with shit to get done. We have boards to run, lives to save, people to counsel, cures to discover and opinions to share. We have bodies to keep in shape, mouths to feed and bills to pay. We have services to attend, charity work to do and children to rear.

And you, Donald Trump, during your latest super-spreader event, have the audacity to think that you will tempt us by getting our, “husbands back to work!” We are neuroscientists, professors, psychologists, writers, sales professionals and real-estate entrepreneurs. We are breadwinners. Last I checked, we live in the year 2020, not 1920. We represent half of America’s workforce, but Mr. Micropenis, you think we are eating Xanax like Skittles and patiently waiting for Don Draper to return from banging his mistress.

You see, it’s not just our professional accomplishments you disrespect. Your Presidency is a cloud of toxic waste that hangs over us and hampers our ability to properly guide our children. Kids learn by example, and your example is one of disrespect and division. When the president of the United States is a disgraceful human being, our hackles go up.

We go to great lengths to teach our children not to engage in bullying or name-calling. You undermine our efforts at teaching basic life lessons. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Our kids see you degrading women, people of color and people with physical and mental challenges. We are not only disgusted by your words and behavior, we are repulsed by YOU. We know leaders, and you are no leader for our children.

We encourage our children to communicate effectively by listening and hearing others’ thoughts and opinions. We show them how to compromise and collaborate, not through bribery, extortion or Machiavellian tactics, but through diplomacy, acceptance and working through differences. We help our kids to develop a sense of understanding and compassion for those who come from different cultural and economic backgrounds. We, suburban moms, don’t teach hate.

We want our children to be curious, to be adept at debate, and to enjoy learning. We help them develop a strong work ethic and on-the-job experience to succeed in life. They will not have jobs handed to them through nepotism, for which they are wholly unqualified.

We teach them to generously donate their time and money to philanthropic organizations, not steal from them.

We teach our sons to respect women. We do not condone grabbing women by the pussy or any other act of sexual assault. Oh, and by the way, most people are against pedophilia, not just your QAnon friends.

We teach our children to be humble. To quote the Chinese philosopher, Confucius, “he who tries to shine dims his own light.” You have no light.

Donald Trump, you are an atrocious example for our children. Everything you do negates what we try so hard to teach them. You hang out with criminals. You cheat on your wives and your taxes. Your fragile ego requires stroking from your cronies, who must agree with you 100 percent of the time. When someone offers an alternate perspective or stands up to you, they are eliminated, retaliated against or bad-mouthed.

Suburban women sometimes make mistakes, Donnie. And when we do, we self-reflect, seek counsel, apologize and ask forgiveness. Not you, though. Never. You are not accountable for your actions. Instead, you scapegoat, blame and finger-point; thereby, showing the world how a bratty school-aged child behaves.

You are transparent. Nobody believes that you or your disgraceful daughter Ivanka are pro-life, because you are a sellout. You change your position out of political convenience to court votes on the radical, evangelical right. As a matter of course, you are willing to sell out to absolutely anyone who is buying. You want others to make decisions about my body? Well, then, I choose for you to get a late-stage circumcision.

What exactly do you mean when you tell us that you saved our neighborhoods? From whom precisely do you think you are saving us from? Oh wait, we get it. This is you showing the country what a racist looks like! You won’t condemn hate groups. While you need your ego stroked to survive, you stoke the fires of ignorance, hatred and discord.

You challenge our democracy and attempt to discredit the election. You have dalliances with autocratic tyrants like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, men who commit human-rights violations as a matter of daily life and the price of doing business. Your relationship with Kim Jong Un is not “special.” It’s just two pathetic narcissists playing, “I’ll stroke yours if you stroke mine.”

We have spent HOURS impressing upon our children the importance of mask-wearing, so they don’t kill us or our parents, yet, YOU refuse to wear one. Your latest attempts to undermine others is to make fun of leaders who wear masks and listen to scientists.

While we teach our children acceptance and the importance of loving thy neighbor, you demonize entire groups of people, whether they are Latin, Asian, Black, Muslim or Jewish. You build walls while we spend lifetimes trying to tear them down.

We teach our children the importance of good health, empathy, the art of negotiation and the win-win proposition. You stuff your face with fast food, stiff your contractors and play a zero-sum game, where YOU emerge victorious.

Suburban women, like myself and my successful friends, have been paying attention, and we have had enough of what your stand for, which is only yourself. You are a narcissist of the worst kind, and your administration is a malignancy upon our prodigious country.

Come Tuesday night, our message will be heard loud and clear. You, Mr. Trump, are a NOBODY.

Go sell your snake oil somewhere else, and stay the hell out of our suburbs.

- Suburban Women