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Schmidt on Trump: 'Malignant Buffoon'

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Editor's Note: Steve Schmidt is one of the founding members of the Lincoln Project. He is a communications and public affairs strategist who has worked on several Republican campaigns, including John McCain's 2008 bid for the White House, and he is now a regular political contributor to MSNBC. On Sunday night, Schmidt unleashed two of his patented tweetstorms, the second of which eviscerated Donald Trump in 6 tweets. MaxNewsToday has assembled these tweets and reprinted them as one easy-to-read op-ed for our ongoing segment, Schmidt Storm. His tweetstorm has been edited for accuracy and clarity. Donald Trump looked so small today from inside the cocoon of his armored presidential limo. Yesterday, the White House gaslighted America with two photo ops taken moments apart, and with Trump’s dramatic live signing of blank paper. Today, though America witnessed the, “Ride to Nowhere,” it was an exquisite metaphor for the end of Trump’s presidency. Slow moving and pointless, the motorcade enthralled the QAnon conspiracy nuts who gathered outside the hospital, hoping Trump would give them another clue about his smashing the pedophile ring that is running America. Inside the limo were agents of the Secret Service, who would jump in front of a bullet for the president and his family, but weren’t worthy of any consideration by Trump. It was a parade of one for an audience of one. It was a slow-rolling celebration of selfishness and malfeasance. Trump couldn’t be bothered to make any comment about the 200,000th dead American, but today, because he has become infected, he decided to give the nation a presidential funeral procession. It took the purposeless form of a slow-rolling meander around Walter Reed. Trump waved frantically at the gathered QAnon conspiracy loons and demonstrated through his clinical neediness his profound unfitness for command. Trump’s recklessness is responsible for his infection and many others. Trump’s lying has killed over 150,000 Americans who would not have died otherwise. Hundreds of thousands more will die. Why did it happen? How did it happen? Watch the video of the malignant buffoon in the back seat of the presidential suburban. It will explain a lot.


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