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Lincoln Project Will Continue Fight

Steve Schmidt

Editor's Note: Steve Schmidt is one of the founding members of the Lincoln Project. He is a communications and public affairs strategist who has worked on several Republican campaigns, including John McCain's 2008 bid for the White House, and he is now a regular political contributor to MSNBC. On Monday night, Schmidt announced on his Twitter feed over a series of 10 tweets that the Lincoln Project will continue to fight the anti-democracy movement that has taken root in this country. MaxNewsToday has assembled this thread and reprinted it as one easy-to-read op-ed for our ongoing segment, Schmidt Storm. It has been edited for grammar and clarity. We live in an age of greed and dishonesty. We have watched the poisoning of faith and belief in the legitimacy of our democracy over the last month by corrupt men like Lou Dobbs. They are nihilists. We are in a political fight that will last for a long time. We will be tuning up for that long fight. Reed Galen built an organization with millions of social-media followers and more than half a million contributors. Every day, Rick Wilson, Stuart Stevens, Reed Galen and I are focused on building this organization to oppose the corrupt and dishonest cult of personality that has taken root in this country. We will make no accommodation with the assemblage of UN-democratic extremist groups, from Proud Boy fascists and white nationalists and extremist militias, that Trump and his disgraceful party have embraced and encouraged. We will stand for American democracy and the rule of law. We will be in the fight and hope all of you will be also. Trump’s coup failed. The next one might not. We will be proud to stand as allies to Joe Biden and to continue to play a small role in a mighty coalition. An American coalition. From Bernie Sanders to the Lincoln Project, democracy's friends found each other. A great and broad coalition of the decent struck down Trump’s rancid and lethal regime. His lawless White House has fallen. We have a chance to begin to fix this, but we must work together and stay both vigilant and united in opposing a very real threat to the ideas and ideals of American liberty. The Lincoln Project was deeply proud to be recognized by Ad Age today for it’s advertising work. Reed Galen, Stuart Stevens and Rick Wilson are so proud of all the young people who made it happen. For example, our merchandising operation was run by a 22-year-old new college graduate, Philip Germain. He built something from scratch that fulfilled over 80,000 orders over a few months. One of the most gratifying parts of the Lincoln Project was giving space and opportunity for the young people involved to participate and advance their careers. I know when they look back, this will be both a memorable and important experience. We will always stand and fight on the side of American democracy and will continue to build an organization that belongs to all of the people who gave a little of themselves to a cause greater than all of us. That cause, and the the fight for it, has been the great privilege of our lives. When Reed Galen, Rick Wilson, John Weaver and I sat down and conceived the Lincoln Project, none of us could have imagined what it would become. We are all filled with the deepest gratitude to everybody who joined this fight. It will continue, and we intend to fight until this autocratic moment is buried in the ground of American liberty.


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