• Nathan Max

Jon Cryer to GOP: Shut Up

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Editor's Note: Jon Cryer is an American actor and comedian best known for playing the role of Alan Harper on the long-running CBS TV sitcom Two and a Half Men. On Sunday, Cryer wrote a 20-tweet thread ironically detailing everything he says Joe Biden should do as president. MaxNewsToday has reprinted the thread as one easy-to-read op-ed. It has been edited for clarity. All the stuff Biden should do because Republicans were fine with it when Trump did it. Ignore Senate oversight by appointing “acting” members of his cabinet. Ignore subpoenas. Executive orders for everything!!

Appoint Hunter Biden as White House advisor, give him security clearance he doesn’t deserve, then put him in charge of coronavirus and peace in the Middle East. Berate, belittle and insult the Republican leaders and their constituents at every opportunity. And take joy in their unhappiness. Have foreign countries, companies and lobbyists pay Biden business entities while he makes decisions affecting them. Golf, golf, golf! At Biden-owned resorts, thus, forcing taxpayers to put money directly in his pockets. Increase the national debt by 36 percent. Increase the federal budget deficit by 4 trillion dollars. Float federal pardons to induce federal employees to break the law. Float federal pardons to induce co-conspirators to clam up.

Publicly threaten congressional witnesses. Extort a foreign country into fabricating a smear against his Republican opponent. Vastly over-finance his inauguration, and then have millions of the money just “disappear.” Publicly ask a foreign adversary to commit crimes to help his campaign. Lie to a special prosecutor about it. Obstruct justice five times about it. Lie about the special prosecutor’s report about it.

Objectively and verifiably lie at least 120 times a week. Have government employees illegally campaign on his behalf on a daily basis.

And I won’t even get into how Republican leaders have been fine with the worst horrors of the Trump presidency. The family separations, the increase in civilian drone deaths, the hundreds of thousands of Americans dead from Covid. They were okay with all of it.

So, anytime they raise an objection to anything, the Biden administration should just ignore what they say and shout “Trump!” in their face. Cause, really, they can shut the fuck up.

Just like they did when Trump was president.