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Donald Trump Can Go to Hell

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Our president has shown a callous indifference to the lives and health of millions of Americans.

From the very outset, Donald Trump knew the seriousness of the COVID-19 threat. Now we have it on tape. Recorded for all eternity.

“This is deadly stuff,” Trump told famed journalist Bob Woodward on March 19. “I wanted to play it down. I still like playing it down, because I don't want to create a panic.”

He will rationalize it, play it off and have his spokespeople and sycophants lie to us about it. And, in all likelihood, Donald Trump’s cult-like following will buy all their bullshit, once again, and go on supporting him like they have up to this point.

But it’s all there. Trump knew. He knew the coronavirus was bad, really bad, and he still downplayed it. He still pushed for the economy and schools to reopen. He still smeared our nation’s top infectious disease specialist. All because Donald Trump cares only about himself and what he perceives to be his best shot of getting reelected.

He couldn’t care less about any of us.

The result has been devastating. The death toll has reached nearly 195,000 Americans, which doesn’t take into account all those who are suffering through what can be a debilitating illness. Our way of life has been completely destroyed, with students taking classes from their bedrooms and fall football games canceled.

The irony in this whole catastrophe is that Trump could have sealed his reelection, and another four years in office, by proving he is a responsible leader. Had he successfully guided us through the crisis, like leaders in so many other parts of the world, he would have been viewed as a hero. Joe Biden wouldn’t have stood a chance.

But, for whatever reason, Trump thought his best shot was to play make believe. Pretend everything will be fine and the world will magically be right. No plan necessary. Just close your eyes, make a wish and blow out the candles, while friends and family members pilfer government provided assistance meant for the little guy.

To this day, six months later, Trump is running around the country staging rallies in front of mostly maskless audiences who don’t physically distance. His supporters are causing super-spreader events at motorcycle rallies, or just throwing temper-tantrums in local grocery stores when asked to respect those around them. Just yesterday, Trump scolded a reporter who refused to take his mask off when asking a question.

Donald Trump has blood on his hands. The extent to which this man has wrecked people’s lives cannot be understated. Countless families have lost loved ones. Businesses have permanently shuttered.

And what does this man have to offer us? Nothing but more division, darkness and death.

Today, hours before the Woodward tapes became public, some guy in Norway hilariously nominated Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. He has no chance of winning it, obviously, because the only prize Donald Trump deserves is for being a piece of shit.

I think I speak for a large portion of Americans when I say that Donald Trump can go to hell.


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