• Stephan Garnett

Calling a Spade a Spade

Photo credit: Facebook.

Last month, I penned an editorial for MaxNewsToday stating my frank opinion about the Black Americans who stood at a podium during the Republican National Convention and proudly proclaimed that Donald Trump is not a racist and that the United States of America is not a fundamentally racist nation.

I had a problem with that; in fact, I had a very big problem with that, and it’s rooted in history. There’s plenty of historical evidence to dispute the claim that Donald Trump isn’t a racist. And, sorry folks, but there’s also plenty of historical evidence that the United States of America’s past is steeped in racism. It started in 1619 and continues right up to this day; it’s every bit as American as apple pie and even more American than baseball and Chevrolet.

That editorial led to an interview with Campus Reform, an online publication with a distinctly conservative platform. In that interview, I compared African-Americans who support Donald Trump to Jews who support Nazis.

What? Nazis? Trump? How could I have made such a disgraceful comparison? Trump is not a Nazi!

Oh, but he certainly attracts them, now doesn’t he? They show up at his rallies. They cheer at his speeches. They carry big, red flags with swastikas emblazoned on them, with the name PENCE scrawled across the bottom and TRUMP across the top.

They march through a city like Charlottesville while yelling, “Jews will not replace us!”

Funny thing. Maybe I’m suffering from some peculiar form of myopia, because I’ve never seen those people at a rally for Joe Biden, and I’ve certainly never seen them at any political rallies for Barack Obama. Maybe they just don’t like Biden’s or Obama’s message.

But they sure like Trump’s. After all, has anybody ever heard Trump disavow these people? What he said after Charlottesville is that there were “good people” on both sides, meaning the bigots in that massive, armed, hostile crowd were just as decent as the people who came out to do what Trump didn’t do, which is to repudiate them. Turns out, there were quite a few people who read that Campus Reform article, and a reprint of it in an even more conservative publication called Zero Hedge. These folks didn’t like what they read, and they let me know it. Boy, did they let me know it! Here’s just a sampling of the emails I received: “Probably got his job because of his skin color.” “You look like a gurilla” (sic). “What do you call a Black person with a PhD? Nigger!” “Trump’s going to take care of people like you!” “If it’s so bad here, go back to Africa you fucking nigger!”

The race war is coming and lots of niggers will be hanging from trees! Okay, so some people objected to my analogy. They didn’t like me comparing Trump, the man who’s responsible for snatching children from the arms of their parents and locking them up in cages, to Nazis. Got it! But in expressing their displeasure, they resorted to what? Flat-out racism! There were no appeals to my better judgment, no offers to talk this out and possibly resolve our differences, no attempt to calmly try and present another point of view. Nope. These folks decided to – I guess you might say – call a spade a spade. You see, that was the point of my original editorial about African-Americans who stand with Trump. They’re not just standing with him; they’re standing shoulder-to-shoulder with people like this, people who resort to lowly, racist name-calling whenever anyone Black says or does something they don’t like. Aw, come on, there’s no need to be coy about it. I’ll just say it: Black folks who support Donald Trump are throwing their support behind the same man who’s just beloved by our domestic racists and Nazis. I said what I meant. And I meant what I said. And, right on cue, racist supporters of Donald Trump stepped up and proved me right. I have no idea what Black folks like Ben Carson or Vernon Jones or Tim Scott or Daniel Cameron see when they look in a mirror. I can’t fathom what stares back at them. But if they’ve convinced themselves that the same people who love Donald Trump also love them, they’ll find out exactly where they stand the moment they pull their noses out of some pale posteriors and face a very stark and glaring reality. And God help them if they actually embrace that reality and speak the truth.