• Sona Chaturvedi

Biden Administration Starting Strong

Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images. President Joe Biden has signed more than 40 executive actions.

What a difference a leader makes.

Still in its infancy, the Biden administration has already tackled major pressing issues that Donald Trump ignored during in his entire four-year term. Biden has addressed climate change, immigration and Medicaid expansion, he has developed a coherent COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan and he has instituted a national federal mask mandate, among other things.

Perhaps more importantly, he is addressing the issues surrounding white supremacy. One could not even fathom the previous administration acknowledging systemic racism, let alone trying to combat it. Donald Trump led the nation as a white nationalist, a racist and a conspiracy theorist. The contrast between the two men has been astonishing.

Joe Biden hasn’t even been president two weeks, and he has already emerged as an effective leader; a leader who is showing no signs of backing down on his vastly ambitious initiatives. It has already been acknowledged globally. Most world leaders hoped the U.S. would be back at some point. Our allies are relieved, the dictators are scared, and that’s just how we want it. The United States is now leading from a position of strength instead of cowering in fear of Russia, China and Saudi Arabia. Everything has changed so rapidly, we’re almost unsure what to do about it. After four years of secrecy and lies, the press secretary now delivers honest daily press briefings, we hear from health experts with no interference from the president, and we have transparency from the State Department. In fact, it seems as though the entire federal government has suddenly been rededicated to telling us the truth. The press is so elated, some are devoting almost entire shows to their sense of relief. Last week, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow was almost giddy touting the newfound clarity. However, despite all these strides, there’s still some unfinished business from the previous administration: The upcoming Senate trial of twice-impeached Donald Trump. Convicting Trump and bringing the insurrectionists to justice couldn’t be more important right now. To establish credibility in the new world order, the old one either must meet an end or be pushed toward one. We need to hold Trump accountable, punish the terrorists, and squash any hopes of another Trump-like presidency in the future by demonstrating that actions have consequences. To convict, all 48 Democrats, both independents and 17 Republicans will be needed to meet the two-thirds threshold. Considering most Republican senators are still so afraid of Trump’s base that they give into them every, single time, it appears unlikely. But this could be good news. Now, Republicans will be exposed. They can’t hide behind the “mean tweet,” excuse anymore. This is who they are. It just so happens, as we suspected, they have always agreed with Trump’s worldview. He was merely a shield of convenience, but he’s gone and they are naked and exposed. This is our chance. At some point, some Americans are going to notice that the Biden presidency didn’t bring the much-feared “socialism” to America. This alone will not convince them all, but when has that ever occurred? It may convince just enough of them that their lives, their jobs and their family’s happiness may not be worth continuing this meaningless battle. Biden hasn’t been leading by fear. Quite the opposite. When we all feared violence at the inauguration, he defied the terrorists and had a grand ceremony anyway. Granted, it was with a military presence unlike anything we have ever seen, but he held it just the same. He is coming from a place where real change is possible. He may succeed by using the GOP’s own bullying tactics to make the changes he wishes to implement. Or, he may draw upon his years of experience and devise his own path. That remains to be seen. Democrats control the Senate, the House and the Executive Branch. We shouldn’t underestimate how powerful that can be. This is our chance for an America that moves forward instead of backward. We should not forget that old America lost and new America won. We are the majority. In Georgia, Sens. Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock won. Businesses are pulling funding from Republicans and their political action committees, thanks to the efforts of groups like the Lincoln Project. The Trump brand name is toxic. He is shunned by corporate America, and he is hiding in Florida, where he has been met with a frosty welcome. If the Senate doesn’t convict, and Republicans continue to paint themselves into a corner by supporting seditionists and conspiracy theories, their numbers will keep shrinking. Now, it’s up to Democrats to take advantage of their momentum. We have the right administration to meet this crucial moment in American history. Let’s change things.