• Nathan Max

Antifa Means Anti-Fascist

The anti-fascist Iron Front fought to defend liberal democracy against Nazis and Communists during the Weimar Republic.

We should all be card-carrying members of Antifa, because history indicates living under fascist dictators isn’t all that great.

Of course, there are no Antifa membership cards. It isn’t a real organization. It’s just a loosely-affiliated group of individuals who are against fascism. Not sure when or how that became controversial in this country, but it should be an idea we all support. Fascism is bad, and Antifa stands for “anti-fascist.”

Thus, we should all get behind Antifa.

How did this country get to the point where we have a president using force to clear constitutionally-abiding protesters exercising their right to peacefully assemble, while at the same time calling those who fight fascism domestic terrorists?

The real domestic terrorists are the right-wing white supremacists who keep shooting up churches, synagogues and schools. Or the dudes rolling around town wearing Hawaiian and/or Fred Perry shirts with automatic weapons slung over their shoulders. Or the dudes marching around with tiki-torches nonsensically screaming, “you will not replace us.

Let’s be clear. There are no rampaging Antifa members looting and destroying property. For the last three weeks, there have been largely peaceful protests, with some opportunists in the early days who have largely been shut down.

Meanwhile, an overzealous police force has been using excessive force and firing projectiles and tear gas at peaceful demonstrators in cities across the nation, arresting journalists and attacking civilians without cause, to the point where several of these rogue cops are getting charged with crimes and fired from their jobs. They are the ones who have been terrorizing the country.

One would think supporters of the second amendment would actually be on the same side as Antifa. Gun aficionados are constantly saying they need their cache of firearms to fight an oppressive government that hypothetically wants to infringe on their rights. That’s precisely what fascists do.

Maybe we just need a refresher course in who fascists are: Kim Jong Un. Benito Mussolini. Adolf Hitler. Joseph Stalin. These are fascists. Does anyone really want to live in a country in which one of these individuals, or someone similar, is in charge?

It is quite obvious Donald Trump dreams of being a fascist, so it’s understandable why he wouldn’t like Antifa. For the rest of us, we should be ecstatic there are a group of individuals willing to fight white supremacists and wannabe totalitarians. Those guys are dicks.

So the next time Trump or some uninformed right-wing politician or individual starts ranting and raving about Antifa -- like QAnon conspiracy theorist and soon-to-be Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene -- ask them if they would prefer to live in North Korea. Because that is the last bastion of true fascism on the planet. If that doesn’t sound enticing, then maybe you’re Antifa too.

You just don’t realize it.